Over the years many of you have shared creative time with us and it has been heart warming watching you all grow in skills and confidence. We have been incredibly honoured to see so many transformative experiences and this, we know has been positive in so many ways. Who would have thought that something as simple as making and creating would help so much, but we know, through years of practice and sharing our knowledge, how much it does! We wanted to say thank you to our vibrant, community for allowing us to guide you along your creative journey and we really are here to cheer you on, and help steer you back, if you have strayed away from what you love doing!

This year we have been able to extend our passion for art to all corners of the world. India, Italy, France, many states in the US, Australia, South Africa, Belgium, Germany, New Zealand, Argentina, Puerto Rico + many more. We are so pleased to be able to be to offer our online community more quality online experiences this Autumn and Winter!
Thank you for trusting the process and letting  go to make room for creative magic, wonder, and art beauty!
We all need creative time out and Art is a simple to access vehicle for meditation and self-connection. Here are just some of the benefits: Art, like meditation, allows us to create space between our often negative, anxious thoughts and connect with our true selves – as opposed to the fleeting or false sense of identity we sometimes have when we are caught up in our thoughts and emotions. Art provides a feeling of flow and freedom: Art experience that creative activity has the potential to tap into a space of true consciousness of being, void of interpretation.
We can help you to let go, so that you can enjoy the benefits of Art & Craft activity…..

We know Taking this Time is so good for the soul! Autumn is here and it’s a beautiful invitation to do what you’ve always craving: slow everything down, be present, practice the art of living a full, inspired, centred and happy life. This is all a very positive distraction from what might otherwise be bothering you and time to really focus on you!

We love to begin this season by inviting you to create with us and there is no better way to start this journey with a variety of different Visual Art and Craft opportunities. We have now released Autumn and Winter opportunities to create with us, and along with our longer courses, there are ad hoc opportunities that you can dip in and out and a limited number of art webinars (that will be extended should we have another lockdown!).

We have some beautiful themed visual art and craft art workshops over Autumn, Winter and beyond and we hope you will come join us for one or more art experiences. We can't wait to see your confidence and persistence in creating art grow.