Creative Weekend Retreats

A Path to Boundless Creativity & Personal
Transformation through visual art making

Come and discover the magical transformation you can experience through art making. Retreat is to provide a deeper, more meaningful, mindful encounter in which you let go of perfection and control and open yourself up to intuitive art making and how this can quickly becomes a metaphor for your life, a unifying language in visual art and one in which you can learn to trust in your inspiration and focus on the moment.

While you make your small discoveries you will find that this will manifest in feeling confident in your life and learn to trust that every decision you make is inside you.

Escape from every-day-life and join a circle of like-hearted people in dynamic, inspiring journeys for personal well-being. The Art workshops we design are multi-disciplinary and therefore the perfect opportunity for you to play and experiment with lots of different materials and techniques.

Communicating with our unconscious self through creative intuition and authentic expression yields extraordinary results that are deeply satisfying, we begin linking our dream creative state with our waking self, so that we are more centred, defined, integrated, and self-aware.

These EXPERIENCES are offered to everyone, newcomers will be moved by the heartfelt emotions stirred up inside. Creative souls will expand their appreciation and techniques, enjoy the opportunity to explore in new and deep ways, and take home treasured memories.

Joining a group of like-minded people for a retreat experience has so many added benefits:

• Thoughtfully designed itinerary-all the planning is done for you.
• Guided techniques and demonstrations.
• Variety of activities
• Creative classes and artistic discovery.

We hope you find something, from an evening workshops to a weekend course, that will spark your interest! Join us and discover something new, re-awaken your passion, affirm your potential, get beyond doubt, and set intentions in alignment with your joy and purpose, while creating a powerful visual reminder to keep you on track!