The Big Blue Project

The Mission

A far reaching project with partners, Unesco Biosphere Isle of Man. This project is an engaging initiative, propelled by the collaboration of UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man,  partners, stakeholders and the Isle of Man community, and link with UNESCO Biosphere reserves, across the world.


The Big Blue Project (Isle of Man), where art meets science, will help communicate and engage the Manx community with the wonders and magic of the underwater world, how special and important they are, not only for climate change and biodiversity but for our own health and wellbeing and how we all need to reconnect with our natural world. Working together for a sustainable future (UNESCO Biosphere Isle Of Man's strategy) focuses on the holistic management in our Biosphere and how this can be achieved under the following 5 Es: Economy. Education. Engagement. Enjoyment. Environment.

The Sea

The sea is a common thread that ties us all together. Human activity, how we feed, fuel, and finance our lives is taking a toll on wildlife, wild places, and the natural resources we need to survive. To protect biodiversity is to protect ourselves!

Mission: The arts can powerfully communicate the wonders and importance of the sea and working with UNESCO Biosphere Isle of Man and cross-community partners we can connect new audiences to it and encourage them to understand, cherish, protect and enjoy it as integral to a diverse ecosystem.

Project History: Inspired by the world's underwater sea forests, Artreach Studios felt this would be an incredible subject for creative art workshops. Through important funding, Culture Vannin helped the team research a far reaching project!

Looking deeper, the Artreach team explored submerged and underwater forests all over the world - many different types of forests, trees drowned by rising sea levels or other live forests (mangroves/cypress for example), kelp forests, as with the sea that surrounds Cape Town, South Africa, and our own nature reserves and critical habitat for marine wildlife.

Through this project we piloted a new initiative 'Saturday Art Club' which engages young adults age 13-16 in visual art and craft which was supported by the Isle of Man Arts Council. If you would like to become a sponsor please get in touch with Artreach Studios team!