Golden Artist Colours: High Flow Acrylic 118ml

What we love!

Want a new way to paint? High Flow is the most incredible paint for free flowing, unrestricted painting projects and once you try it, you'll fall in love too!

Consistent, reliable and down right, beautiful colour!
We love Golden Acrylic Colours so much, they're our go to product for Artist Quality Premium Acrylic Paint....and yes, we do use it ourselves!


69 Colours available (including Fluorescents 7 Iridescents)
High Pigment Load
Professional Grade, Artist Quality Paint
Rich Vibrant Colours - no compromise!
Great Lightfast (see pigment chart for individual colours)
AP approved

Can be used for:
* Glazing/Staining techniques
* Pen & Ink applications
* Pours
* Murals*
& more!!!!

*see main listing & additional info links for full details

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